RULES & REGULATION Super Cup IAFA Greece 2013

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  1. Football game is played in two halves, each half 25.minutes;
  2. There is no maximum limit of players per team with 6 field players and a goalkeeper on the pitch;
  3. There is a flying substitution method (special substitution zone just in front of the field) and there is no substitution limit;
  4. In case of wrong substitution - the game stops, the player who breaks the rules is cautioned and shown the yellow card. Play is restarted with a free kick from the place where the ball was located when play was stopped. However, if the ball is in the penalty area, the indirect free kick is taken from the point of the penalty area where the ball was when play was stopped;
  5. Direct free kick (defence wall – 5 metres);
  6. Penalty kick – 8 metres;
  7. Goalkeeper enters the ball by hand;
  8. Goalkeeper has the right to enter the ball over the midfield by hand or foot, he is not allowed to throw the ball into the opponent’s net;
  9. Goalkeeper is not allowed to touch with hands the ball in case of back pass that has been played back by his team mate;
  10. Maximum 4 seconds for restarting the game;
  11. 2 yellow cards – sending off;
  12. Direct red card – sending off, team stays short-handed up to the end of the game; Organising committee has the right to disqualify the player for the rest of tournament in case of unsporting behaviour;
  13. A goal scored from the first direct kick is allowed;
  14. Throw in – direct scoring will be disallowed if the ball did not touch any field player;
  15. Penalty shout-out – 3 attempts from both sides (three different players), in case of tie until golden goal or first miss;
  16. If the team refuse to play there is automatically setting off defeat by (3:0);
  17. In case of delay the first game (more than 5.min.) and all subsequent games defeat by (3:0).

Tournament regulations:

Eight (8) teams are playing a round tournament. Every team has seven (7) games to play. Pointing system – win 3pts., draw 1 pts., loss 0 pts. The final standings are allocated on the following parameters:

  1. Result between two particular sides (number of points, goal difference, goals scored)
  2. Number of wins
  3. Goal difference
  4. Goals scored
  5. There is an additional penalty shoot-out (5 attempts from both sides) in case of equality of all indicators